Freebies for IT Specialists: The New Milkmen

freebies for IT specialists: the new milkmen

Today, everything is aided by technology. From making correspondence through e-mails to digital marketing, our work and even our social life have become more efficient and fun.

With the dawn of computers, the realities of life are less messy. But our too much dependence on computers, and the technology in general, is slowly affecting our lives. It seems like we’re stuck in the digital realm with no point of returning. If something goes wrong with the technology we are using, our whole life becomes disrupted. Luckily, there are IT specialists who know the ins and outs of computers, and will try to save the day.

Freebies for IT Specialists: The New Milkmen

Before, there were daily milk deliveries across the country. Children wake up to a fresh bottle of milk delivered at the doorstep by the local milkman every morning. But as more households get a hold of refrigerators, the need for milkmen waned.

Today, there are new breeds of milkmen — the IT specialists. Our need for technology is the same as our need for milk. The good thing is that when there is a problem with our Internet connection or with our computers, the IT guys are just a call away. In under half an hour or so, they will arrive right at our doorstep — just like fresh bottles of milk.

Since everything is now run by technology, IT specialists are highly in demand. Aside from good compensation, freebies for IT specialists: the new milkmen now include booting your wife’s hardware. It may be a bit unorthodox, but this new scourge of undermining Australian marriages is actually happening. If men can have ladies liaisons online, women have their IT specialists.

It may look like a setting in an adult film where the IT repairman comes knocking at the door and then greeted by your lonely wife. Sensual music plays in the background, and then poof! They are doing it. Truth be told, recent data shows that affairs with IT specialists is one of the causes of strained marriages in the country. This may be referred as a freebie for IT specialists: the new milkmen, but this kind of behavior is destroying relationships.

Yes, technology presents an array of boons, but you also have to weigh the banes that come along with it. The best thing you can do is be watchful of your IT repairman before he boots something aside from your wife’s computer.